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The Republic of Yemen is considered to be among the world's most beautiful countries. Besides the beauty of its mountains and its unique architecture, there is the famed hospitality of the warm Yemeni people.


Historical Sites

Yemen has a rich, authentic history of traditions, cultures, and natural scenery open to visitors.It is one country with many destinations, and we hope you'll feel very much at home.


Logistics And Consultancy For Journalists

We can arrange for the necessary permits that are required for filming and reporting from Yemen with the Ministry of Information and the Immigration Office in Sana`a.


Who Are We?

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About Us

Established in Sana`a, the capital of Yemen, Aden Tours agency provides you with specific and professional services for unusual and well-known destinations within the country. The Aden team combines their vast experience of travel, tourism and professional services with an individual approach and a personal touch that guarantees their customers the highest standards.

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Dr. Tariq Baider


Aden Tours Agency was established in Sana`a 20 years ago, offering traditional hotels including the Taj Talha and Al- Qasmi Palace. I am considered one of the pioneers of such hotels in the Old City of Sana'a. Our agency is one of the best known tour companies in the Republic of Yemen, authorized by the general association of tourism, and presenting the best tourist services and programs, allowing visitors easy access to Yemen’s fascinating history and culture.

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Ahmed Tariq Baider

Executive Director

I am an entrepreneur with over seven years’ experience in business development and tourism and journalism industry operations. I enjoy working with others to solve problems and create a win-win situation. I am a pro-active, creative professional with ambitions to complete my education and contribute more to the growth of my country. I am considered among the foremost fixers for foreign journalists visiting Yemen. I have worked with high-profile international media outlets, including television crews and print journalists, to convey stories of human suffering in Yemen to audiences around the world.

What Services Do We Offer?

Aden tours team is composed of staff who offer a warm welcome as well as professional services and a reliable track record in comprehensive tourism programs and journalism fixing. The team can organise group and individual itineraries.


Services for journalists

Aden tours deals with all authorities locally in Yemen. As such, we are able to provide services for journalists prior to and during their stay in Yemen. Reporters and producers are welcomed by Aden’s team who ensure the quality of services provided, which include:

  • Application for work approval and permits with the Ministry of Information to get a work approval.
  • Obtaining press visas.
  • Obtaining movement permits from the government.
  • Hotel-airport transfers.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Fixing for interviews.
  • Car rental services, with skilled drivers.
  • Permanent assistance throughout the visit.
  • Booking tickets for entering Yemen on scheduled flights.

Services for tourists

  • Hiking and trekking in Haraz, Hajjah, and Al Mahweet regions.
  • Excursions and journeys by camel, donkey and horseback .
  • Car rental services, with skilled drivers.
  • Bilingual guides.
  • Pre-arrival preparation all kinds.
  • Tours to Yemeni islands such as Socotra.
  • Permanent assistance throughout the visit.
  • Hotel reservations
  • Diving programs.
  • Booking tickets for entering Yemen on scheduled flights.
  • Obtaining tourist visas.
  • Hotel-airport transfers.

How can journalists cover the war in Yemen?

If you are interested in reporting on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, for print, television or documentary film,the Aden Tours Agency team can assist you in your work. We believe that honesty and truth are the most important things when reporting in the country. Because Yemen is under blockade and traffic war, it is possible to report on humanitarian and frontline issues

The process of arranging entry to Yemen takes place in several stages.

We will arrange your trip by following the necessary procedures at each step, outlined below.

To start the process of obtaining your visa, we need to write down all of your plans and arrange the required documents for the authorities, to form a complete file for you and your team. For this, you will need to send to us,
• A copy of your passport (for each member of your team;
• A copy of your press card (for each member of your team:
• A formal letter issued from your TV/newspaper/news media agency or any news company – one for the whole team. This letter should be addressed to the Ministry of Information in Yemen. It should include your name(s) and your passport number(s). It should also include a small preview of the areas and topics you would like to cover during your visit.

After that, you would send us the fees via Western Union or a bank transfer, to pay for your visa(s) and arranging permits.

The Ministry of Information takes between 5 to 10 working days to issue its approval. After obtaining this the approval, we will be ready to send your papers to the immigration office here in Sana`a, to continue the visa application process. Within three days your visa will be issued from the immigration office. We will obtain your original visa paper from them. Straight afterwards, we will send you a copy of your visa electronically as an email attachment, so you can enter Yemen.

The immigration office usually gives you one month to enter the country before the visa expiry date, so you will need to determine your travel dates based on this. You will then be able to plan your travels to Yemen. We will arrange for you all the government permits required for your visit. For example, we will arrange your camera equipment permit so the security forces allow you to bring your filming equipment into the country. We will ask you for a clear kit list to obtain this kind of permit. There is also another permit called a traffic movement permit, which determines where you can travel within Yemen. This permit is very useful for the checkpoints all around the country.

Now it’s the time to book your flight to Yemen. Normally, there would be several routes into Sana’a from Amman or Cairo on Yemenia commercial flights. Currently, however, because Sana'a airport is closed, the only way to travel is on UNHAS flights. UNHAS flights operate four days a week, primarily for employees of UN agencies. We have formed an agreement to allow journalists fly on their flights into Sana’a to cover the humanitarian situation.

After you set a date of arrival, Aden tours team will meet you at Sana’a airport with the original copy of your visa, so that it can be stamped by immigration officers.

Finally we will start your reporting trip, and do our utmost such that you get the story you want. We really believe that we only succeed if you are succeed. We always try our best to make our work, and your work, special and unique.

Ahmed Baider
Executive Director

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